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    Sample Processing & Storage Sample type
    Isolating and freezing PBMCs (50 ml blood; Lymphoprep) 4-5 green top tubes */ 1 x 40-50 ml heparinzed syringe
    Isolating and freezing PBMCs (100 ml blood; Lymphoprep) 2 x 50 ml heparinzed syringe
    Isolating and freezing PBMCs from 1 x CPT CPT or 1-2 green top tubes *
    Isolating and freezing PBMCs from 4 x CPT CPT (red/green or blue/black swirl)**
    Isolating and freezing serum/plasma 1 red top / 1 green top *
    CD3 + separation (StemSep or Easy Sep) PBMCs ***
    CD8 + separation (MACs) PBMCs
    Liquid nitrogen storage/month PBMCs, Cell lines
    FACS-based Analysis
    Surface staining (eg CD3, CD14, CD15, CD19, CD56) PBMCs or whole blood
    Surface staining (eg CD3, CD4) PBMCs or whole blood
    Tetramer staining (excludes tetramer cost) PBMCs
    T2 Binding Assay Peptide
    HLA-A2 Screening Whole blood, PBMCs
    Intracellular staining (T-reg - FoxP3+CD25+CD4) PBMCs
    Intracellular staining (IL-5 and IFN-g) Whole blood, PBMCs
    Luminex Assay Cell Lysates
    Molecular Immunology
    RNA isolation and quantitation (from tissue biopsies) Tissue Biopsy
    RNA isolation and quantiation (from PBMCs) PBMCs
    cDNA synthesis (up to 4 samples) Isolated RNA
    Standard Assays
    ELISPOT (basic) PBMCs
    Western Blot (ABs/stimulation not included) PBMCs or Cell lines
    ELISA (Abs not included) Serum/Plasma/Supernatants
    Vaccine Preparation
    Peptide Preparation (excluding peptide cost/cGMP fee) Peptide
    Peptide Preparation (including QC testing) Peptide
    Single Peptide vaccine (excluding peptide cost) Peptide and adjuvants
    Miscellaneous Tests
    Endosafe Endotoxin test (per cartridge) Test sample
    Machine Costs
    ELISPOT Machine

    * BD vacutainer
    ** CPT = Cell Preparation Tubes from BD
    *** PBMCs = Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
    Note: We also offer other services not listed above, such as cell culture, semi-cloning, real-time PCR, and many more. Also, please note that additional charges may apply depending on the specific reagents used.

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